What to expect in the first Pilates class

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Dina's Pilates Studio

Mire számíts az első pilates órán?
Whether attending online or in person, the first few Pilates classes informed by guest feedback and my own experience, promise a rich learning experience. These sessions gradually introduce you to essential anatomical terminology. You will learn a lot about yourself, perseverance, concentration, coordination - the foundation of every movement. Last but not least, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your own body and muscles.


Wear comfortable, slightly fitted clothing so that your spine and potential muscular differences are easily visible. You won't need shoes, just socks and a small towel.


During your sessions, unlike other forms of exercise, the instructor won't be exercising alongside you. Instead, they will focus solely on you – working to set up the starting positions correctly through touch and verbal guidance so that you can do the exercises accurately. This personalized attention is essential for achieving the desired results.

Don't worry

Here, everyone focuses on their own practice; no one is concerned about what you're wearing or how you're doing the exercises. You will understand everything, and I will assist you in every aspect.

Mire számíts az első Pilates órán

Small Pilates Lexicon

1. Core: Deep muscles that stabilize the pelvis, rib cage, and spine while moving the arms or legs. This group includes 4 muscles – the pelvic floor, transverse abdominal muscles, diaphragm, and the multifidus along the spine. In our sessions, you'll engage these core muscles, working to strengthen them gradually and improve your posture over time.

2. Breathing: Throughout the class, we use a specific Pilates breath (directed into the lateral and posterior rib cage) to keep the abdominal muscles active during exercises. It's normal if you occasionally catch your breath; mastering this unique breath is the most challenging aspect to learn. Remember, this is not a natural breath; we only use it during the class.

Csoportos óra

3. Neutral Pelvis: My aim is to work on strengthening your spine in the safest position, preserving its natural curves. After a few classes, you may notice a lightness in your lower back, easing any pain in that area.

4. Continuous Spinal Lengthening: In every exercise, it's crucial to elongate yourself, striving to grow tall. This encourages the back extensors to work more effectively. By simultaneously stretching and strengthening, you'll achieve a toned muscle structure.

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