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Personalized Pilates Session

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In my Pilates studio in Budapest, you can learn the most famous equipment developed by Joseph Pilates including the reformer machine, the cadillac, and the spine corrector. 

The significant advantage of these machines lies in their ability to work and strengthen muscles in a harmonious manner without overloading the joints and spine. This is achieved through spring resistance, effectively excluding the impact of gravity. Consequently, it is suitable for post-injury and post-operative recovery and can serve as a complementary exercise to other sports.

In one-on-one sessions, I am fully focused on your personal progress, and providing guidance to boost your posture, address any scoliosis concerns , or any hip issues based on your needsThroughout the session, I'll continually provide corrections, guiding your focus to the relevant muscles, thereby helping in the restoration of brain-nerve-muscle connections.

Also available online!

Studio class - max. 4 persons

Appointment needed!

The Studio Pilates class is a circuit workout where we work the muscles using the floor exercises, reformer machines, cadillac and a device known as a spine corrector.

If you haven't been in this studio before, it's important to note that a prerequisite for participating in a machine studio class is completing 3-5 individual pilates sessions. This requirement ensures your familiarity with the Pilates terminology, my teaching approach, and allows us to understand your preferences, and I can become familiar with your posture and movement. This preparation enables you to join the Pilates Studio class with more confidence, and it allows me to give personalized guidance on various exercises using Pilates equipment, making sure you and your spine are safe.

As the maximum number of participants in the class is 4, I will also be able to give you my full attention in this class making sure that you perform the exercises safely and accurately. After a few sessions, you'll notice that you stretch yourself more, and you begin to consciously pay attention to yourself, as well as your spine health and posture.
During the class I will correct your posture, tell you which muscles to use so that you don't work muscles that are already overworked and tight. We will learn the proper muscle engagement sequence for different movements, helping to restore the brain-nerve-muscle connection.
Feel free to bring a friend, colleague, or your partner to your Studio Pilates class.

Kinesio tape application

Appointment needed!

If necessary, we also apply Kinesio Tape to help muscles recover faster and reduce pain part of Pilates therapy. The Kinesio tape helps in supporting and restoring the functionality of the specific area or affected muscle through the nervous system.

Thanks to the flexibility of the tape, instead of immobilization, we activate those stuck joints and muscles. Rather than tightly binding, we encourage movement, inspiring the weak or tense muscles and joints to engage, effectively reintegrating them into the system.

By applying it, we faciliate collaborative efforts, improving movement efficiency and the overall impact of Pilates.

Through this method, we aim to address pain effectively, strengthen weakened muscles, stabilize damaged nerves and joints, increase joint range of motion, and provide relief in cases of circulation problems and edema.

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Online Pilates classes?
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Would you do pilates from your home? I have good news! You can also take pilates classes online with me, and you can choose from several types of classes! Advanced appointment booking is required!

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Perfect for every occasion regardless of age! Surprise your family members, friends, or acquaintances struggling with lower back or spine pain with one of our passes. 

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