Nagy Edina Pilates oktató Budapest

About me

My name is Edina Nagy, and I am a Michael King Pilates instructorI explored various forms of exercise before finding the one that suited me best. I acquired my knowledge through the international Pilates master training of Gábor Fűzy and workshops by Michael King (the founder and owner of MK Pilates).

During my childhood, I played tennis, swam, and later practiced ballet. Ballet became a passion for me; I always admired the grace and discipline of dancers. I enjoyed performances immensely and, of course, loved the tutus. Due to a hip condition I was born with, my parents, following doctors' instructions, stopped me from doing these types of movements after a few years.

As an adult, I felt the need for sports, so I occasionally attended choreographed Zumba or aerobics classes, where I got incredibly tired, and somehow couldn't identify with any of the classes.

A  principles of Pilates I first encountered Pilates 12 years ago due to lower back pain and problems arising from the mentioned birth defect. Despite receiving a lot of information during the class, after my first group session, I had a feeling that Pilates was something different…

My first class

At times, I found myself gasping for air, trying to focus on the instructor's guidance. It was challenging to execute seemingly easy, small movements with control. I didn't even notice, and the outside world ceased to exist. I put aside all my problems for those 55 minutes, which, given my job at the time, wasn't easy. The feeling after the first class was surprising because I not only sensed that every fiber of my being had been moved, but I also felt transcendent and incredibly calm. Thanks to my instructor at that time and my perseverance, not only did my muscles strengthen, but my pains disappeared.

My concentration improved, my posture became more graceful, and last but not least, I became more mindful.

Dina Pilates gyakorlat

What Pilates means to me

Much more than another form of exercise... Pilates brought about a complete lifestyle shift for me, teaching me how to love and accept myself, which radically transformed my approach to life. It taught me to trust myself and that with faith and perseverance, I am capable of achieving my goals. The saying made sense to me:


'Mens sana in corpore sano' – it means we must not neglect our bodies, as only this way can we be complete!


I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to pursue the job that brings me joy. I have found my calling. As an instructor, beyond just focusing on muscle strengthening, I want to pass on all my positive experiences to my guests to the best of my knowledge. Their growth and feedback serve as my primary motivation and driving force in teaching.